Major Collections


Image Name Created by Quantity Description Period
蒙古襲来絵詞 The Mongol Invasion
[National Treasure]
  2 handscrolls color on paper 35.5~39.8×<the first volume>2351.7,<the second volume>2013.4 Kamakura period, 13th century
春日権現験記絵 Kasuga Gongen Genki E (Legends of Kasuga Shrine)
[National Treasure]
Takashina Takakane 20 handscrolls color on silk 40.0~41.5×635.0~1208.5 Kamakura period, dated 1309
唐獅子図屏風 Chinese Lions
[National Treasure]
<right screen> by Kano Eitoku <left screen> by Kano Tsunenobu Pair of six-fold screens color and gold on paper <right screen> 223.6×451.8 <left screen> 224.0×453.5 <right screen> Momoyama period, 16th century <left screen> Edo period, 17th century
源氏物語図屏風 Scenes from The Tale of Genji Attributed to Kano Eitoku Pair of six-fold screens,Two-fold screen color and gold on paper 167.5×361.7,169.5×178.0 Momoyama period,16~17th century
二十八都市万国絵図屏風 Map of the World and 28 Famous Cities   Pair of eight-fold screens color on paper 178.6×486.3 Momoyama to Edo period, 17th century
動植綵絵 Doshoku Sai-e (Colorful Realm of Living Beings)
[National Treasure]
lto Jakuchu 30 hanging scrolls color on silk 141.8~142.9×79.0~79.8 Edo period, dated about 1757~about 1766
花鳥十二ヶ月図 Birds and Flowers through the Twelve Months Sakai Hoitsu 12 hanging scrolls color on silk l38.9~140.2×49.3~50.5 Edo period, dated 1823
西瓜図 Drying Watermelon Rind Katsushika Hokusai Hanging scroll color on silk 86.7×29.7 Edo period, dated 1839
横山大観 Sacred Mountains at the Morning Sun Yokoyama Taikan Pair of six-fold screens ink on paper 209.0×452.4 each screen dated 1927
罌粟 Poppies Tsuchida Bakusen Pair of hanging scrolls color on silk 161.0×106.2 each dated 1929
雪月花 Snow, Moon and Flowers Uemura Shoen Set of 3 hanging scrolls color on silk 158.0×54.0 each dated 1937