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Scenes from The Tale of Genji

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Scenes from Tale of Genji
Attributed to Kano Eitoku
Pair of six-fold screens
color and gold on paper 167.5×361.7
Two-fold screen
color and gold on paper 169.5×178.0
Momoyama period,16~17th century
These screens were originally fusuma (sliding doors) paintings of the Prince Hachijo family when it was first established. In the six-fold screen, scenes from Wakamurasaki are depicted on the left screen, and scenes from Kagerou and Tokonatsu are depicted on the right screen. The motifs on the 3rd and 4th sheet are scenes that were originally distant connected successively here. The scene at the bottom part with women only, and the scenes depicted in the two-fold screen cannot be identified. They are considered to be by painters of Kano Eitoku's school, and can be assumed to have been used in a splendid “Genji Room”.