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Chinese Lions[National Treasure]

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Chinese Lions
Pair of six-fold screens
color and gold on paper
<right screen> by Kano Eitoku(1543-90) 223.6×451.8 Momoyama period, 16th century
<left screen> by Kano Tsunenobu(1636-1713) 224.0×453.5 Edo period, 17th century
The right screen is famous as the confirmatory work of Kano Eitoku(1543-90), a master of the Momoyama art world, indentified by its colophon by Kano Tan'yu. There is no doubt that this is by Eitoku because of the impressive and valiant depiction of imposing tigers striding among rocks with strong brushwork in spite of simple composition. The left screen was painted to match the right by Kano Tsunenobu(1636-1713) afterward, and the two were passed down to the present as a pair.