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Kasuga Gongen Kenki E (Legends of Kasuga Shrine)

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Kasuga  Gongen Kenki
Takashina Takakane
20 handscrolls
Kamakura period, dated 1309
color on silk 40.0~41.5×635.0~1208.5
The reason this scroll was created is clear by the catalogue attached, stating that it was planned by Saionji Kinhira, member of the Fujiwara clan,  to express gratitude towards the prosperity of the Fujiwara family and prayers for future prosperity, and that the words were written by the former kanpaku (chief adviser to the Emperor)  Takatsukasa Mototada and his sons, and the Painting was by Takashina Takakane, chief painter of the Court. The exquisite depiction done by orthodox Yamatoe technique is outstanding, and it is one of the foremost works among our cultural heritage for its value  as material showing the customs of the time, and as a completely existing pictorial scroll made of fragile silk. It was originally a treasure passed down in the Kasuga Taisha Shrine, but was stolen in the end of the Edo period, and eventually collected by Takatsukasa Masahiro, and presented to the Court from the Takatsukasa family.