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No.10 Gifts from Abroad -The Shine of Gold and Silver- (1996/1/6 - 1996/3/10)

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Gifts from Abroad

From the beginning of the Meiji Era, the Royal Family has played an important role in relations with foreign countries. International friendly relations have been remarkable since 1952 when the peace treaty was concluded, and brought a variety of gifts from countries around the world.

In this exhibition, we will select and display the metalwork pieces which are substantial in both quality and quantity. Precious metals such as gold and silver have been valued by various nations for their eternal shine, which is probably why they were chosen for gifts.

Most of them are fit to be called Court Craft, excessively decorated with auspicious designs which are applied using various techniques. However, reflecting the trend of the 20th century, there are also pieces made with emphasis on function excluding decorations as much as possible.

Various metalwork techniques are used such as casting, forging, carving and inlay, utilizing the characteristics of metal. Each piece is made by artisans and workshops of each country with traditional techniques and designs, mostly using material also produced in that country, and reflects their culture and climate. In this exhibition, we will exhibit 35 sets of dining vessels, ornaments, swords, various vessels and decorative dishes which are each unique forms of various regions and countries. We hope you will enjoy the beautiful forms and exoticism of the numbers of metalwork which were affectionately presented to the Royal Family.