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No.7 The Art of Japan and China -Masterpieces up to the 16th Century- (1995/3/25 - 1995/6/18)

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The Art of Japan and China

Being an island country, Japan has matured with its culture influenced by the Asian Continent, especially China. The superior designs and techniques of the Continent culture were adopted earnestly from the Nara period, and continued to be accepted in various manners according to each period following, to form a unique culture. Focusing on the Nara to Muromachi period, this exhibition wi11 be divided into three parts, and will introduce objects known as masterpieces of Japan and China.

The first part wi11 be composed with objects of the Tang dynasty of China or the Nara period of Japan, which were passed down in temples, such as Soranjo (the Transcription of Wang Yi-zhi's letters), and pieces of the Horyuji treasures which remained within the Imperial collection, such as the Box with marquetry decoration and the Gourd jar with design of wise advisors to dynasts. The middle part will introduce the masterpieces of early to middle Heian period calligraphy, when the wayo (Japanese style) was established, also being influenced by Chinese calligraphy methods, and the masterpieces of Chinese paintings which were accepted within the rise of appreciation of Chinese objects. The works of Kukai, one of the sanpitsu (three masters of the writing brush), works of the sanseki (three master calligraphists), namely Ono no Michikaze, Fujiwara no Sukemasa, and Fujiwara no Yukinari, and the famous Chinese painting, Turnip and radish on a pair of scrolls attributed to Muxi, and Orchid flowers and bamboo by Xue Chuang will be exhibited. In the latter part, the works of calligraphists known as nosho (excellent calligraphist) such as Taira no Shigemori and Fujiwara no Sadaie, of the latter Heian period to Muromachi period, along with portraits and screen paintings of these periods will be exhibited.

It will be a chance to come in touch with the culture of the era through the various masterpieces.