Addresses by Their Imperial Highnesses Crown Prince and Crown Princess Akishino(2021)

Addresses by His Imperial Highness Crown Prince Akishino

An Address by His Imperial Highness Crown Prince Akishino at the Opening Ceremony of the 27th International Conference on Magnetic Technology(November 16, 2021)

 Conference participants and distinguished guests,

 It is a great pleasure for me to address you all online at this 27th International Conference on Magnet technology, which is being held with around 800 participants from 25 countries and areas through hybrid conferencing, because of COVID-19.

 I understand that this conference, first held in 1965, has a long history as the leading conference in the field of magnet technology, particularly in the area of high magnetic field generation based on superconductivity and cryogenic technology.

 I believe it is extremely significant that the researchers and engineers at this 27th conference, under its theme of ‘Innovation in Superconducting Magnet technology’, are presenting the world’s most advanced research in fields including particle and nuclear physics, nuclear fusion, medical and life sciences, high magnetic field generation, energy and transportation, and superconducting materials for magnets.

 Magnet technology is fulfilling a significant role in the medical field, particularly in Magnetic Resonance Imaging devices for diagnostics, and Heavy Ion Radiotherapy apparatus for cancer treatment. Another very familiar example of the application of magnet technology is the Superconducting Maglev line, which has gathered people’s attention in Japan over many years. I also remember being interested in high-speed maglev vehicles when I was little, though this was half a century ago.

 Magnet technology involves interdisciplinary research in fields ranging from materials science to systems development. International collaboration is essential in promoting this research, and Japan has made significant contributions to this work in various technological areas to date. The potential applications of magnet technology are also diverse, and it is a promising key area of technology which will have transformational spillover effects from the viewpoint of advancing basic science, while also offering solutions to many of the difficult issues that humanity faces at present, including various illnesses and climate change. For example, this magnet technology will enable the investigation of unknown elementary particles using high-energy accelerators in particle and nuclear physics, in addition to its use in highly advanced medical treatments. It may also help to develop a new source of energy through nuclear fusion reactor technology, as well as aiding in the development of advanced bio-medical and drug discovery applications, and it can help to reduce CO2 emissions by improving the performance and efficiency of social infrastructure.

 In closing my address, I hope that this international conference will be fruitful for all participants, and that it will create momentum to further develop magnet technology and contribute to the resolution of global issues.

 Thank you for your kind attention.