Waka Poems by Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress and Their Imperial Highnesses the Crown Prince and Princess

Theme for the New Year's Poetry Reading (2001) : Herbaceous plants

His Majesty the Emperor
Thinking as I go
Of blooms Father and Mother
Used to love so well,
I take a walk with my wife
Through the meadow at Nasu

This poem was composed by His Majesty recollecting the occasion of a walk with Her Majesty the Empress in summer of last year during Their stay Nasu Imperial Villa, while recalling cherished memories of Emperor Showa and Empress Kojun, in the meadow near the Omei-Tei(Bird-Chorus Arbor) where in former days They had all walked together.

Her Majesty the Empress
A young Imperial guard
Who, from this day onward,
Takes up duty here
Standing in the spring garden
Where grasses softly burgeon

At about the same time as the young Imperial Guards begin to man their various posts of duty, the young plants in the palace Grounds come into the bud and start to burgeon, and Her Majesty composed Her poem reflecting this. (Note : groups of new Imperial Guards are inducted into their duties twice a year, one group in Spring and one in Autumn. this poem refers to Spring.)

His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince
Galloping across the grassy plain, her mane streaming -
The Arabian horse arrived, crossing the high seas.

When Their Imperial Highnesses the Crown Prince and Princess visited four Middle Eastern countries in 1994, an Arabian horse named Ahazeej was presented by H.M.Sultan Qaboos of the Sultanate of Oman. Since then, Their Imperial Highnesses have been keeping a warm watch over Ahazeej as she is cared for at the Imperial Farm. This poem recalls how, when they visited the Farm, their favorite horse could be seen running about the grass of the spacious grazing land.

Her Imperial Highness the Crown Princess
How happy to learn the names of the new autumn grasses,
Walking with you in the flower fields of Nasu.

Their Imperial Highnesses find enjoyment in occasionally walking through nature and viewing the plant life. Since their marriage, they have spent some time every year at the Imperial Villa in Nasu. This poem recalls Her Imperial Highness's joy at learning the names of the little autumn flowers they see on their walks together there.