Public Viewing of the Imperial Throne and Other Ceremonial Items

The Public Viewing of the Imperial Throne and Other Ceremonial Items, which was scheduled from March 1st at Kyoto Imperial Palace, has been postponed due to fear of spreading Novel Coronavirus. The rescheduled term will be informed as soon as it is decided.

The Takamikura (the Imperial Throne for the Emperor), Michodai (the August Seat of the Empress), and other ceremonial items used in the Sokuirei-Seiden-no-gi (the Ceremony of the Enthronement of His Majesty the Emperor at the Seiden State Hall) are open to the public. Photographs of the Ceremony and dolls in traditional costumes are also exhibited.

● Term:
  • March 1 (Sun.), 2020 - March 22 (Sun.), 2020
  • Closed: March 9 (Mon.) and March 16 (Mon.)
  •   *February 28 (Fri.), 29 (Sat.), March 23 (Mon.) and 24 (Tues.) are closed for preparation and clean-up.
● Hours:
  • 9:00 - 15:50 (Last admission) 16:30 (Closing time)
  • Entrance & Exit: The Seishomon Gate
● Your belongings will be subject to security checks at the entry gate.
● No application (no prior arrangement) is required.
● No admission (entrance) fee is charged.
● No guided tours (Japanese, English and Chinese) are given during the term.

● Exhibit:
    Location Exhibits
    Corridors Photographs of the Ceremony
    Shishinden Takamikura (the Imperial Throne for the Emperor) Michodai (the August Seat of the Empress)
    Kogosho Ceremonial Items (Sword, Bow, Quiver, Halberds, Shields, Gong, Drum)
    Ogakumonjo Life size dolls in traditional costumes
● Additional Notes:
  • ○None of the palace buildings can be entered.
  • ○Kyoto Imperial Palace may be closed without notice.
  • ○Pets and large baggage cannot be taken into the Palace.
  • ○For safety and security reasons, a one-way system operates along the visitor route. Please obey the instruction of staff members of the Palace.
  • ○The following acts are not permitted;
    • (1) Enter into off-limit zone.
    • (2) Pose a risk of fire, such as smoking.
    • (3) Eating and drinking on the grounds. (Drinking water in the visitor’s room is permitted.)
    • (4) Destroy or remove Palace facilities and other objects.
    • (5) Take photograph or movie for commercial purposes.
    • (6) Organize an assembly or stage a demonstration.
    • (7) Affix a poster, or distribute or disperse fliers.
    • (8) Use drones.
    • (9) Commit any other acts deemed harmful to the management of the event.
  • ○You can take photographs. However, using camera stand or other related equipment for commercial filming are not permitted.
  • ○Wheelchairs are available. Please ask our staff for assistance at the entrance.

  • * As one of the measures against the Novel Coronavirus disease, please abide by “coughing manners”, which refers to the way you cover your mouth and nose with a tissue, handkerchief, or the edge of a sleeve to avoid spreading germs to other people. If you have symptoms of fever, coughing and general fatigue, please refrain from visiting.

Contact: The Kyoto Office of the Imperial Household Agency

Tel: 075-211-1211