Their Imperial Highnesses Prince and Princess Takamatsu

His Imperial Highness Prince Takamatsu (Nobuhito) was born on 3 January 1905 at the Aoyama Detached Palace in Tokyo, the third son of Emperor Taisho. His given name was Nobuhito, while his personal title for the young members was Prince Teru (Teru-no-Miya). On 4 February 1930, Prince Takamatsu married Kikuko, the second daughter of the late Yoshihisa Tokugawa.

In addition to his official duties at the Imperial Palace, Prince Takamatsu served as Honorary President for a variety of organizations in diverse fields, including international friendly relations, health and welfare, the fine arts and crafts and sports. Prince Takamatsu attended many commemorative ceremonies and other events, accompanied by Princess Takamatsu, where he offered his encouragement to the people involved.

Prince Takamatsu passed away on 3 February 1987. He was 82 years old.

Her Imperial Highness Princess Takamatsu (Kikuko) was born on 26 December 1911, the second daughter of the late Yoshihisa Tokugawa.

In addition to her official duties at the Imperial Palace, Princess Takamatsu expended tremendous efforts in the development of medical care, demonstrating an interest in activities towards the eradication of cancer and the reconstruction and operation of hospitals around the country in her capacity as Honorary President of the Princess Takamatsu Cancer Research Fund and "Saiseikai" Imperial Gift Foundation. Princess Takamatsu's activities extended to a broad range of areas, including welfare, culture and international relations of goodwill.

Princess Takamatsu passed away on 18 December 2004. She was 92 years old.