Their Imperial Highnesses Prince and Princess Chichibu

His Imperial Highness Prince Chichibu (Yasuhito) was born in 1902, the second son of Emperor Taisho. His given name was Yasuhito, while his personal title for the young members was Prince Atsu. Prince Chichibu married Setsuko Matsudaira, first daughter of the late Tsuneo Matsudaira, on 28 September 1928.
Prince Chichibu was an active promoter of international goodwill, serving in such positions as Honorary President of both the Japan-British Society and the Swedish Society of Japan. Prince Chichibu was also widely renowned among the people of Japan as the "sporting Prince" due to his efforts to promote skiing, rugby and other sports.
Prince Chichibu passed away on 4 January 1953.

Her Imperial Highness Princess Chichibu (Setsuko) was born on 9 September 1909, the eldest daughter of the late Tsuneo Matsudaira.
In addition to her official duties at the palace, Princess Chichibu supported the activities of a number of groups in various fields, including international goodwill, health, sports and scholarship. She was particularly involved for many years with the activities of the Japan Anti-Tuberculosis Association in her position as President.
Princess Chichibu passed away on 25 August 1995.