Viewing Archives of the Imperial Household Archives

The Imperial Household Archives holds Specified Public Records and Archives from the Meiji Era onwards that have been either compiled or acquired by the Imperial Household Ministry, Imperial Household Office or Imperial Household Agency, or that have been transferred to the Imperial Household Archives.

Persons wishing to use the Specified Public Records and Archives held by the Imperial Household Archives are requested to make an inquiry as detailed below.

  • 1 Contact for inquiries and requests for use of the archives.
    • Second Clerk of Meiji Era Archives, Archives Division, Archives and Mausolea Department, Imperial Household Agency
    • 1-1 Chiyoda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 〒100-8111
    • TEL 03-3213-1111

      Second Clerk of Meiji Era Archives (Ext. 3798)

    • (in one-byte characters)
  • 2 Qualifications for use of the archives
    • No particular qualifications are required.
  • 3 Procedures pertaining to use
    • Please fill in all the required items in the Request for Use Form, including name, address, telephone number, and the archives for which viewing is sought, etc., and submit the form either in person to the reception desk at the Reading Room, or by post to the abovementioned Second Clerk of the Imperial Household Archives and await a decision on use of the archives.
    • For items in the archives classified as “fully open for use” or “partially open for use,” a simplified method of access is available that does not require the abovementioned request procedures. For such items a Simplified Form for Reading of Specified Public Records and Archives can be submitted to the reception desk to view the items in question.
  • 4 Viewing hours
    • 9:15~17:00 (However, entry to the Reading Room and operating hours of the desk for receiving requested Specified Public Records and Archives are until 16:30.)
  • 5 Reading Room closed days
    • Saturdays, Sundays and holidays designated by national holidays law
    • From December 28 to January 4
    • Other days designated as holidays by law
    • Days when operation of the Reading Room is restricted due to official ceremonies of the Imperial Palace (Such days will, in principle, be notified two weeks in advance.)
  • 6 Archives and Mausolea Department Building access
    • Access to the building is through Kitahanebashi-mon Gate. Please refrain from coming by car. (Persons with disabilities are requested to inquire concerning access.)
  • 7 Reading Room
    • On the First basement floor of Archives and Mausolea Department Building.
  • 8 Photography
    • Persons may bring their own camera to the Reading Room and photograph Specified Public Records and Archives, etc. (Please refrain from using flash photography or tripods, etc. Two photography platforms (copy stands) are available.)